Adobe Photoshop E-Learning Day 5

 Tutor Chetan - Notes

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Adobe Photoshop - Day 5

Day 5 - PDF File

# Canvas size:

This option is used to increase the border size around the picture.


1. Click on Image menu

2. Click on Canvas size option. It displays a dialogue box.

3. Type the new size of the border.

4. Click on ok.

# Rotate canvas:

This option is used to rotate an image vertical, horizontal or other direction.


1. Select the layer.

2. Click on Image menu.

3. Click on Rotate Canvas option. It displays

4. Click on required one.

# Crop:

It is used to crop an image.


1. Select an image.

2. Click on Image menu.

3. Click on Crop option.

# Layer:

To make a new layer;

1. Select the layer

2. Click on Layer menu.

3. Click on New option

4. Click on layer sub-option.

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