MS Word (Microsoft Word) E-Learning Day 3

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MS Word - Day 3

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# How to change the Language?


  • Highlight the text.
  • Click on Review menu. Colour
  • Click on Set Language option. It displays a list of languages box.
  • Choose the required language English (UK)
  • Click on ok

# How to check the spelling and grammar?

              We can check the wrong spelling and grammar on the document by using three methods.

1.   By clicking Spelling & Grammar on the Review menu.

2.   By pressing right button of mouse on wrong word.

3.   Pressing function key F7 on the keyboard

  • Steps:
    • Keep the Cursor at top of document.
    • Click on Review menu.
    • Click on Spelling & grammar.
    • Choose the correct spelling and grammar.
    • Click on Change or Change All button.

     # Thesaurus (Shift+F7)

             Thesaurus is like an English dictionary, which is used to display synonyms (Word with same meaning) and Antonyms (Word with opposite meaning) of the selected word.


    1.           Highlight the required word.

    2.           Click on Review menu.

    3.           Click on Thesaurus option.

     # Hyphenation:

     Hyphenation option is used to apply the hyphen [Dash] at the end of word on the line if necessary.


    1.   Highlight the text.

    2.   Click on Page Layout menu.

    3.   Click on Hyphenation Drop-Down button.

    4.   Click on Hyphenation options. It displays a dialog box.

    5.   Tick the Automatically Hyphenate Document.

    6.   Click on ok.

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