MS Word (Microsoft Word) E-Learning Day 1


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Microsoft Office Package

MS Word - Day 1

Day 1 - PDF File

Microsoft Word (MS-Word)


Application file name: winword.exe

Extension name: .DOC/ .DOCX 

Microsoft word is an advanced word processing application software program. It is a family member of Microsoft Office group. This program was developed by Microsoft Corporation, USA. With the help of this program, we can type the letters, applications, reports, proposals, thesis, biodata, manuals, brochure, designing, newspaper and other related document. After typing the text for document, we can easily format (design) the text as per need and finally print on the paper. Microsoft Word is also called word processor or word processing program. 

#. How to Start MS-Word program?


1.   Switch on our personal computer (pc). After a few moments we will get windows desktop screen.

2.   Click on Start button

3.   Click on Programs or All Programs

4.   Click on Microsoft Office group

5.   Click on Microsoft Word. Then we will get Microsoft word document screen.

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