Upcoming IPO Share - Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Limited

 Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Limited

Upcoming IPO Share

Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Limited is going to open an IPO issue and sell from the 32nd of Shrawan (16th August 2021) to 14th Bhadra 2078 (30th August 2021). The company is about to issue an IPO for the locals and founding shareholders of the project-affected areas.

Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower is going to issue 400,000 shares out of 1.2 million units of ordinary shares with a face value of Rs 100 per share for the residents of the project-affected area of ​​Nuwakot district. The IPO issue will be closed soon on the 16th of August and late on the 30th of August. Applications for IPO can be submitted from designated branch offices of Jyoti Bikas Bank, Prabhu Bank, and Civil Bank.

The issue and sale manager of Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower is Civil Capital. Investors will have to apply for a minimum of 10 units of shares and a maximum of 50,000 units. In the rating given for IPO issuance, Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower has been given ICRA NP Issuer rating double B minus by ICRA Nepal. Buddhabhumi indicates that there is an average risk in Nepal Hydropower's ability to bear responsibility.

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