Top 20 University in New Zealand

New Zealand
Top 20 List of University

Continent: Oceania

Country: New Zealand

Some Basic Information:

  • Flag: Flag of The New Zealand
  • Coat of Arms: Coat of Arms of The New Zealand
  • Capital: Wellington
  • Largest City: Auckland
  • Area: 268,021 Square KM
  • National Anthems:
    • 1) God Defend New Zealand 
    • 2) God Save The Queen
  • National Colours: Black, Red Ochre and White/Silver
  • National Bird: Kiwi (Apteryx Mantelli)
  • National Plant: Silver fern (Cyathera Dealbata)
  • National Flower: Kōwhai (Sophora Tetraptera)
  • National Personification: Zealandia

Name List of University of New Zealand

[1) University of Auckland]
Auckland, New Zealand

[2) AUT University]
Auckland, New Zealand

[3) Massey University]
Dunedin, New Zealand

[5) University of Canterbury]
Wellington, New Zealand

[8) Auckland Institute of Studies]
Napier, New Zealand

[10) University of Waikato]
Christchurch, New Zealand

[14) Otago Polytechnic]
Nelson, New Zealand

[20) Whitireia New Zealand]
Wellington, New Zealand

Date: July 21, 2020 AD

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