MS Excel (Microsoft Excel) E-Learning Day 1

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Microsoft Office Package

MS Excel - Day 1

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Microsoft Excel


Application fine name: excel.exe

Extension name: .XLS / .XLSX

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software program produced by Microsoft Corporation, USA. It allows user to organize, format and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system. This software as a part of the Microsoft office suite (group) and is compatible with other applications in the office suite.

MS-Excel is also known as commercial spreadsheet application produced and distributed by Microsoft Corporation for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating system. It features the ability to perform basic calculations, use graphing tools, and create pivot tables and chart.

Excel has the same basic features as every spreadsheet, which use a collection of cells arranged into rows and columns to organize data manipulation. There are 256 columns and 65536 rows in a single worksheet (for office 2003) or 16384 columns and 1048576 rows in a single worksheet (for office 2007). We can move the cell pointer around the worksheet by pressing arrow key or by clicking left button of mouse into the particular cell.

#. How to start MS-Excel program?


1.   Click on Start button

2.   Click on Programs or All programs

3.   Click on Microsoft Office group

4.   Click on Microsoft Excel

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