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# Paragraph:

Paragraph option is used to change the alignment (Left, Centre, Right), Indent, paragraph space and line space of the selected paragraphs.

# Indent:

Indent is an unwritten space (gap) from left and right margin to text position. There are four types of indents. They are;

i)             First line indent

ii)           Hanging indent

iii)         Left indent

iv)         Right indent

# Margin:

Margin is an unwritten space (gap) around the text of the pages. There are four types of margin. They are;

i)             Left margin

ii)           Right margin

iii)         Top margin

iv)         Bottom margin

# Paragraph space:

The vertical space (gap/distance) between two or more paragraph is called paragraph space.

# Line space:

The vertical space (gap/distance) between two or more line is call line space.


1.  Highlight the required paragraphs.

2.  Click on Home menu.

3.  Click on Paragraph option. It displays a dialog box.

4.  Choose the required alignment, Indentation, line space and line space.

5.  Click on ok.

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