MS Word (Microsoft Word) E-Learning Day 6


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MS Word - Day 6

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# Object:

Object option allows to insert required object like: Microsoft Equation, Microsoft Clipart Gallery, Microsoft Excel Chart, Bitmap Image etc. on the document screen.

To insert Microsoft Equation;


1)   Click on Insert menu.

2)   Click on Object drop-down arrow and Click on Object option. It displays a dialog box

3)   Click on Microsoft Equation 3.0.

4)   Click on ok. Microsoft equation editing screen will appear.

5)   Design the required equation.

6)   Click on word document screen.

# Picture:

Picture is used to insert required picture on the document screen from the storage device.


1.  Click on Insert menu.

2.  Click on Picture option.

3.  Choose the drive and directory name, where the picture files are kept.

4.  Choose the picture

5.  Click on Insert button.

# Clip Art:

Clip Art option is used to insert picture by searching method.


1.  Click on Insert menu.

2.  Click on Clip Art option.

3.  Type the picture name into search for box.

4.  Click on Go

5.  Click on required picture.

6.  Format the active picture by clicking format menu and given options

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