MS Word (Microsoft Word) E-Learning Day 7

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MS Word - Day 7

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# Drop Cap:

Drop Cap option is used to make an initial character large and capital with required line dropping.


1.  Highlight the required character.

2.  Click on Insert menu.

3.  Click on Drop Cap drop-down arrow and click on Drop Cap option. It displays a dialog box.

4.   Click on Dropped box.

5.  Select the required font name for dropped character.

6.  Select lines to drop and distance from text

7.  Click on Ok


# Text Box:

Text Box option is used to insert a rectangular shape on the document screen, where we can easily type the text.


1.  Click on Insert menu.

2.  Click on Text Box drop-down arrow and Click on Draw Text Box option.

3.  Draw the required rectangular shape and type the required text.


# Text Direction:

Text Direction option is used to change the direction (orientation) of the text into the text box.


1.   Select the text box.

2.   Click on Format menu.

3.   Click on Text Direction option

# How to insert symbol?


1.  Keep the Cursor at proper place.

2.  Click on Insert menu.

3.  Click on Symbol drop-down arrow and Click on More Symbol. It displays a Symbol dialog box.

4.  Choose the required font name from font box.

5.  Select the required symbol.

6.  Click on Insert button.

7.  Click on Close button.

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