MS Word (Microsoft Word) E-Learning Day 8

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MS Word - Day 8

Day 8 - PDF File

# How to save the document with password?

A password is an extra security for the document. It is used to lock the document. When we have to save the document with password, nobody can open the document except its user. Always remember the password, if we forget the password there is no way to open the document.


1. Click on Office button

2. Click on Save As option.

3. Click on Tools drop-down arrow and click on General options. It displays a dialog box

4. Into the password to open box, type the required password up to 15 characters. We will get an asterisk (*) sign while typing the password.

5. Click on ok.

6. Retype the same (confirm) password.

7. Click on ok.

8. Save the document

# How to remove the password from the document?


1. Open the file having password.

2. Click on Office button.

3. Click on Save As option.

4. Click on Tools drop-down arrow button and click on General options

5. Remove the asterisk (*) sign from the password to open box.

6. Click on ok.

7. Save the document

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