Microsoft Word E-Learning Day 9



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Microsoft Word E-Learning Day 9

 Tutor Chetan - Notes

Microsoft Office Package

MS Word - Day 9

Day 9 - PDF File

# Auto Correction options:

Auto Correction options is used to correct the required given options, before typing the text on the document screen.


1. Click on Office button

2. Click on Word Options. It displays a dialog box.

3. Click on Proofing option

4. Click on Autocorrection options button.

5. Tick the required options as per need.

6. Click on Ok and Ok.

 # Word Count:

Word Count option allows to display the total number of characters, words, lines, paragraphs, pages and entire document by counting.


1.  Click on Review menu.

2.   Click on Word Count Option.

 # Print Preview:

Print Preview option allows to display the document on printing position.


1.  Click on Office button.

2.  Click on Print and click on Print Preview option.

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