Optical Fiber Color Code Configuration ?

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Optical Fiber

Color Code

What is an Optical Fiber?

  • Optical fiber is that the technology related to data transmission using light pulses travelling along side an extended fiber which is typically made from plastic or glass. Optical fibers are also unaffected by electromagnetic interference. The fiber optical cable uses the appliance of total internal reflection of sunshine . The fibers are designed such they facilitate the propagation of sunshine along side the glass fiber counting on the need of power and distance of transmission. Single-mode fiber is employed for long-distance transmission, while multimode fiber is employed for shorter distances. The outer cladding of those fibers needs better protection than metal wires.

Color Code of Optical Fiber:

Types of Optical Fibers

The types of optical fibers depend upon the index of refraction , materials used, and mode of propagation of sunshine . 
  • The classification supported the index of refraction is as follows:
    • Step Index Fibers: It consists of a core surrounded by the cladding, which features a single uniform index of refraction.
    • Graded Index Fibers: The index of refraction of the glass fiber decreases because the radial distance from the fiber axis increases.
  • The classification supported the materials used is as follows:
    • Plastic Optical Fibers: The polymethylmethacrylate is employed as a core material for the transmission of the sunshine .
    • Glass Fibers: It consists of extremely fine glass fibers.
  • The classification supported the mode of propagation of sunshine is as follows:
    • Single-Mode Fibers: These fibers are used to transmission of signals for long-distance.
    • Multimode Fibers: These fibers are used to transmission of signals for short-distance .

The mode of propagation and index of refraction of the core is employed to make four combination sorts of optic fibers as follows:
  • Step index-single mode fibers
  • Graded index-Single mode fibers
  • Step index-Multimode fibers
  • Graded index-Multimode fibers

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