Mid-Western University Announces thrilling opportunities for 25 Ph.D. and Post-PhD Holders

Mid-Western University, Birendranagar Surkhet

Job vacancy for Ph.D. and Post-PhD Holders

Mid-Western University, Birendranagar, Sukhet announces thrilling opportunities for 25 Ph.D. and Post-PhD holders: On its mission to transform into an innovative, responsible, and quality higher education institution, Mid-Western University (MU) announces thrilling opportunities for 25 Ph.D. and Post-PhD holders of Nepali origin working in different parts of the world to come and serve at MU as Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors as part of our new mission of “MU Academic Think Tank Abode” (MU Pragyik Ashram) and assist the University in setting up different policies and programs on innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable economic and industrial development under MU’s economic sustainability initiatives to be promoted as global best practices in higher education sector keeping in view of the universal system practices, national realities, local/regional needs and opportunities of the Karnali region of Nepal.

Please come! Join with your talented mind, skills, and vision in our mission to make MU a Centre of Excellence with the responsibility to promote the potential of quality and accessible education, research, innovation, and industrialization in the Karnali Region. Your small contribution today will serve as a lasting pathway for our generations in the future.

‘Karnali’ should be a pride, not a curse! We need your association. MU has seriously taken this call as a responsible invitation to transform your long-cherished dream of shouldering the motherland and joining our Abode of World-class Academicians when she is in need. It is the initiative to attract many Ph.D. and Post-PhD holders to MU under the “Brain Gain” mission in contrary to the “Brain Drain” condition.

Any one of you can become ‘Game Change Ambassador’ of MU based on your contribution and devotion. Let’s rebrand Karnali by working at MU.

Farka Ho Farka Nepali… Pura Gara Rastrako Sapana! MU Gardachha Tapaiko Swagata Ra Pragatiko Kamana!!

Those Ph.D. and Post-PhD researchers who have received their PhDs and Post-PhDs from famous universities around the world can apply for these positions in the confidence of their knowledge, skill competence, and vision for doing something notable for the future in Nepal, especially in Karnali.

This is an open competition and a ‘Free and Fair Selection Committee’ will accomplish the selection based on the following criteria:

a. The total weightage of the marks will be 200for in all positions and it will be allocated as follows:
  • Publications (JIF based Research articles): 120 marks
  • Leading research projects: 20 marks
  • Experience (Teaching or Research): 15 marks
  • Vision Paper on R&D for MU: 25 marks
  • Presentation of Vision Paper and Interview: 20 marks

(Out of 200 marks, only 5 marks are allocated for VC to interview along with the selection committee at last).

b. The candidates must have published at least 10 research articles published in Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for the post of Professor, at least 7 such articles for the post of Associate Professor and 5 for the post of Assistant Professor. The ‘Impact Factor Rating Score’ should be visible in the body of the article. Negative marking will be given if predatory journals are submitted.

c. In case of any shortage in the number of 10, 7, and 5 ‘Impact Factor Rated’ articles for the post of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor respectively, two research-based articles published in “International Peer-Reviewed Journals” will also be accepted and considered as equivalent one ‘Impact Rated Article’ for each position.

d. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Group and Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

e. All eligible candidates should submit their applications within 10 days of vacancy announcement via this link: https://cutt.ly/rnoQjdI

N.B.: All the selection process by ‘Selection Committee’ will be conducted online including vision paper presentation, interview, and results.

For any queries write an email to: [email protected]

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