All Activities Related to Rastriya Janagadana 2078 Postponed


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All Activities Related to Rastriya Janagadana 2078 Postponed


Tutor Chetan

Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

Rastriya Janagadana 2078

All Activities Related to National Census 2078 Postponed

Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Notice to all Province and District Census Offices regarding the Postponement of All activities related to National Census 2078

Due to the increasing infection of COVID-19 and the announcement of lockdown and prohibitory orders in various districts, it has been decided to postpone the entire activities of the National Census 2078 from the meeting of the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) dated 2078-01-19.


In order to postpone the training of the current supervisor from 2078-1-21, it has been informed through email on 2078-01-20 that all the provinces and district census offices have to make the following arrangements for the time being.

1) To stop the ongoing supervisor training from 2078-1-21 and to provide necessary information to the District Census Coordinating Committee in this regard.

2) Not giving work orders to the trainee supervisors, not distributing questionnaire forms and tablets to be used in the census, taking them back to the office if done, not distributing other materials left to be distributed.

3) To pay the trainee supervisors only the training expenses of the day of training and the transportation expenses prescribed as per the rules in accordance with the criteria related to the administrative management and financial facilities of the National Census 2078, 2076, and not to pay salary and fixed amount to them.

4) To keep the contact numbers and email addresses of the trainee supervisors accurate.

5) To give clear information to the trainee supervisors regarding the protection and reuse of the distributed materials.

6) To make necessary security arrangements for all the census materials received in the district and local census offices and to keep the census materials safe in the office.

7) District and local census offices will not be closed until further notice and the assigned staff will remain in a state of readiness.

8) To carry out the daily administrative work done by the State / District Census Office as per the order issued by the District Administration Office.

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