Vacancy for Staff Nurse and Consultant (Anesthesiologist/General Physician)


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Government Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy For Staff Nurse, Consultant (Anesthesiologist/General Physician)

Vacancy for Staff Nurse and Consultant (Anesthesiologist/General Physician)

Vacancy No 1:

Province Government, Province No. 2, Ministry of Social Development, Directorate of Health, Health Office, Janakpurdham, Dhanusha Notice of Staff Nurse Contract service.

Vacancy for Staff Nurse and Consultant (Anesthesiologist/General Physician)

Health Office Janakpurdham to provide 24-hour presentation service at the hospital. Interested Nepali citizens who have reached the following qualifications are requested to submit an application to this office within 7 days along with the required details and receipt of payment of revenue. Special acceptance will be given to experienced candidates.

Vacancy No 2:

Province Government, Ministry of Social Development, Gandaki Province, Pokhara Vacancy Notice. Since the temporary posts approved for the establishment and operation of ICUs and HDUs with ventilators in various hospitals within the provinces under the Ministry of Social Development have to be filled in the service contract posts through interview method as per the details.

A notice has been published to invite applications from interested Nepali citizens who have reached the qualification.

Vacancy No 3:

Parsa Rural Municipality (Gaupalika), Office of Rural Municipal Executive, Parsa, Sarlahi, Province No 2, Nepal Notice regarding staff requirements on contract service (Staff Nurse).

For this Parsa Rural Municipality subject to the following conditions, the staff of the Detail must be appointed on a service contract; Eligible Nepali citizens are invited to apply to this office within 15 days from the date of publication of this notice, and if the last day is a public holiday, the next day.

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