South Korea's HRD has been positive about taking workers under EPS

Nepali workers have not been able to go to South Korea, which is considered as an employment destination due to the Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, South Korea's Department of Human Resources (HRD) has been positive about taking workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS).

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The Department of Foreign Employment has stated that Korea is willing to take Nepali workers with conditions. Krishna Prasad Dawadi, Director General of the Department of Foreign Employment, HRD, said that the stopped workers will be taken to Nepali workers within certain criteria.

He informed that the Nepali workers who have completed all the procedures to go to South Korea from EPS have been positive about following the specific criteria prepared by HRD.The first condition of the HRD is direct flights, and workers must comply with health standards set by Korea to enter Korea, the department said. Similarly, HRD has stipulated that the workers must stay at the hotel quarantine for 14 days at their own expense after arriving in Korea.He said that the ministry was discussing the issue as the decision on the condition could not be taken by the department alone. As soon as the decision of the ministry is reached, sending of stopped workers will be started.

According to the department, Korea has started taking workers from other countries and it is positive to take Nepalis as well. More than 8,000 Nepali workers, who have been preparing to complete all EPS procedures since last year due to the Corona epidemic, have not been able to find employment in South Korea. Similarly, 3,000 people on leave have been barred since last year. In Korea, the wages of workers have increased a few days ago. The workers have been urging the government to create a conducive environment for them to go to Korea as soon as possible.

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