Nepal Government Call to Apply for Caregiver Work in Israel

Government of Nepal

Job Vacancy for Caregiver Worker in Israel

Caregiver Job Vacancy in Israel (Nepal Government Call to Apply for Caregiver Work in Israel): Government Of Nepal, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Department of Foreign Employment (According to the labor agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Government of Israel).

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Nepal Government Call to Apply for Caregiver Work in Israel

Interested Nepali citizens who have reached the specified qualifications to work as Assistant workers (Sahayak Kamdar) at the Center. This information has been published for online application on the department's web portal www.ferms.dofe.gov.np within 21 days from the date of long-term care in Israel for the information of all concerned including the details as per the details published.

Vacancy Details: Assistant Worker (Caregiver)

  • Required No: 1000 (70% Female and 30% Male)
  • Monthly Salary: 5300 NIS (Estimate total $1600)
  • Over Time Facility: As per rule of governmetn of Israel
  • Weekly Working Days: 6 days
  • Weekly Working Hours: 42 hours (Except for the extra time to pay according to Israeli government law)
  • Annual Leave: According to the relevant Israeli government law
  • Food Facility:
    • Expenses to be borne by the worker himself (if the employer is in the habit of giving grants or sharing in the wages with other workers, the expenses incurred by the employer in the workplace will be deducted from the worker's salary accordingly)
  • Lodging Facility:
    • Employers will manage safe and clean housing in accordance with the rules regarding foreign workers.
  • Contract Period: Initially 1 year
  • The facility of Contact Period Addition: Can be Extended
  • Maximum Contract Period after Addition (if): Till 5 years
Nepal Government Call to Apply for Caregiver Work in Israel

Things to Remember:

Minimum qualification required:
    • Must be  Nepali citizen,
    • 25 years of age and not exceeding 44 years of age,
    • At least 1.5 m tall and weighing at least 44 kg,
    • Having passed at least 10 classes and completed at least fifteen months of study in ANM or CMA-related subject or having obtained 10 + 2 or similar educational qualification and received at least three months training in Care Giving from a training provider recognized by the Government of Nepal.
    • The applicant's passport must have at least 3 years left to expire on the date of commencement of the process for an entry permit.
    • Has not worked in Israel in the past,
    • Father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter not residing or working in Israel,
    • Being physically and mentally healthy, not suffering from any kind of chronic diseases (tuberculosis, hepatitis, herpes, gonorrhea, AIDS), being able to lift heavy loads, working as a support worker in the care center, having the ability and not being addicted.

Application process:
  • The online form available on the department's web portal ferms.dofe.gov.np has to be mentioned. (Online Form (User Manual) is available on the portal.)
  • After the application/registration registered in the online system (FERMS) is approved/rejected, the applicant will be notified of the mobile number/email registered in the system,
  • According to the objective multiple choice question and answer system of 80 marks, a written test of the English language and 20 marks will be interviewed.
  • The language test syllabus and test method will be published on the portal of the department's website,
  • Candidates whose applications are approved will be sent an email / mobile number specifying the date, time and place to participate in the written test of English language, and will be published on the department's website dofe.gov.np.
  • To participate in the language test, you must be present at the designated test center 3 hours in advance,
  • The selection committee will prepare the final roster of 1400 person qualifying list and make it available to PIBA.
  • PIBA will select about 75% of the required number (not exceeding one thousand) by lottery.
  • The Department of Employment Agreement (SEC) can be viewed at dofe.gov.np
  • Employment agreements of workers selected by PIBA will be available at the department for signing,
  • The department will facilitate the issuance of entry permits within 5 days of the signing of the employment agreement with the recommendation of the worker.
  • The department will not be responsible for whether or not a candidate recommended for entry will receive an entry permit.
  • The department will provide a labor agreement to the workers who have obtained employment permits.
  • If the details/proofs submitted with the application are otherwise proved, the right to keep your application at any time will be reserved in the department.


The selection process of the workers will be done as per the agreement between the Government of Nepal and PIBA and the final selection of the workers to be sent to Israel will be done by PIBA.
  • Selected workers must test COVID-19 at their own expense and submit a Negative Report 72 hours prior to departure from Israel, including the provision of other necessary details related to COMID-19.
  • Upon entry into Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Health stipulates that the worker must agree to receive the necessary vaccinations, not refuse to receive the vaccine.
  • Must have submitted a certificate of good character issued by the Nepal Police,
  • Health examination certificate must be submitted,
  • Have not illegally settled in Israel, have no intention of settling in Israel, must leave Israel after the expiration of the agreement;
  • You will not be allowed to work in any field other than those mentioned in the contract.
  • Workers who have obtained entry permits for Israel must be employed before leaving Israel,

 Terms related to service facilities:
  • Job Description: Assistance should be provided to the elderly and disabled patients in the Israeli care center as per the employment agreement including health, sanitation, nutrition and walking.
  • Work shift: 2 to 3 shifts every 24 hours (2 shifts: morning and night / 3 shifts: morning, evening and night)
  • Foreign Workers Fund Deposit: The amount equal to 12.5% ​​of the monthly wage will be deposited by the employer in the bank account opened in the name of the worker. (As soon as the contract expires, the worker who leaves Israel will be paid in his own account. Even after the expiration of the contract, it is illegal in Israel.
  • The prescribed percentage amount will be deducted from the fund and the entire amount deposited in the fund will be confiscated if the illegal stay exceeds 6 months.
  • Expenses to be deducted from a worker's monthly wage under Israeli labor law:
    • The amount of health insurance premium provided by the employer,
    • Accommodation and food expenses,
    • Property tax, water, electricity tariff,
    • Income tax

Costs to be borne by the workers themselves in the selection of Assistant workers:
  • Airfare (Nepal-Israel One Way): Rs.140000
  • Must be insured from an insurance company listed in the Department of Special Insurance): Rs. 5000
  • Pre-departure orientation training: Rs700
  • Certificate of Good Conduct: Rs. 0
  • Passport: Rs. 5000
  • Health Examination: Rs. 10000
  • COVID-19 PCR Test: Rs. 2500
  • Deposit in Foreign Employment Welfare Fund: Rs. 1500 to 2500
  • Total Expenditure (Estimated): Rs.165700

Contact Details:

Matrika Sapkota: 98426477777
Deepak Sen (IT) 9860920404,
Phone: 01-4782616.
Website: dofe.gov.np
Notice Published Date: 2078-4-12 (26th July 2021)

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