Buddha Air Successful Landing in Tribhuvan Airport after flying a long time in the Sky

Tribhuvan International Airport 

Buddha Air Landed Successfully

The Buddha Air flight from Kathmandu failed to land at Biratnagar Airport and returned to Kathmandu. The landing at Tribhuvan Airport was not easy. The plane kept flying in the sky for a long time as the landing gear was not opened. It was planned to run out of fuel and land on the runway. However, airport officials said that the landing gear was also open when the insurance was brought down. Otherwise, there was no alternative to fuel landing.

Rotation in Sky above Biratnagar Airport:

Rotation in Sky above Tribhuvan Airport:

Pratap Babu Tiwari, Chief of the Civil Aviation Office at Tribhuvan Airport, said, "The landing gear of the plane was only half visible. We were preparing for an emergency landing if the problem was not resolved, but it landed successfully." An airport source said that the problem occurred for some time as the wheel on the right side did not open when the plane was about to land. There were 73 passengers on board, including children. According to the Civil Aviation Office, the plane of NI Callsign flew to Biratnagar at 8:32 in the morning.

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