Government Decided to Conduct the National Census



Government Decided to Conduct the National Census

Government of Nepal

National Planning Commission

Central Bureau of Statistics

 National Census 2078 Started from Kartik 25 to Mangsir 9

The government has decided to conduct the national census from Kartik 25 to Mansir 9. The government has approved the schedule of the National Census 2078 BS through the cabinet meeting held on Bhadra 21 and decided to conduct the census from Kartik 25 to Mansir 9.

Central Bureau of Statistics Published Contact Detail of Census Officers (All 77 Districts)

The Central Statistics Office had set a date for the National Census and sent the schedule of the National Census-2078 BS to the Council of Ministers. The department had proposed a schedule to start various census works from Bhadra 20. Accordingly, the census will start from Bhadra and the original census will be held from 25 Kartik to 9 Mansir.

As per the work schedule, supervisors will be recruited by Bhadra 26th. Similarly, supervisors will be trained on Bhadra 27th and 28th, and from Bhadra 30th to Ashoj 18, supervisors will go door to door to do the listing. After that, enumerators will be recruited and trained from the 13th to the 16th of Kartik.

The basic calculation will be done after their training. Director of the department Dhundi Raj Lamichhane said that preparations for the census are underway. Earlier, the department had prepared for the census from 8 Ashad. However, due to the Corona epidemic, the date was postponed. The census has been started in Nepal in 1968 BS. The census was postponed for the second time since then.

The regular census was supposed to be held in 2008 BS. The census was conducted in 2009-2011 BS due to the revolution of 2007 BS and the subsequent political developments. Since then, the census schedule has been affected for the second time due to the epidemic.