Janata Secondary School Vacancy Announcement for Computer and Science Teacher

Janata Secondary School 

Job Vacancy for Computer and Science Teacher

Janata Secondary School, Triveni Rural Municipality 1 Rithachaur Kavra Salyan Senior Computer Instructor and Science Teacher Information regarding the need for the second Level Teacher.

Vacancy Details:
  • Date of Advertisement: - From 2078-06-01 to 2078-06-15 (15 days).
  • Posts: - Senior Instructor and Science Teacher (Secondary School, Second Class)
  • Subject: - ME Computer Engineering, MSc Physics
  • Required Educational Qualifications:
    • ME Computer Engineering
    • MSc Physics for Instructor,
  • Necessary documents
    • Copy of certificate, certificate of health, copy of citizenship! 2 copies,
  • Teacher to Secondary Level License

Things to Remember:

In connection with the above, as per the decision of the School Management Committee of this Janata Madhyamik Vidyalaya Triveni Rural Municipality Ward No. 1 Rithachaur Kavra Salyan. In order to conduct technical stream class 11, permission has been obtained from the office of Triveni Rural Municipality, Luham Salyan, and a senior computer instructor (1) and a science teacher (1) have been required; This advertisement is requested for admission of Senior Instructor and Science Teacher Secondary School II who have reached the qualification as per the schedule with effect from the day of 2076-06-01.

Salary scale: - As per prevailing rules

Advertising Fee: - 1500

Age: - 16 years of age and under 40 years of age

Contact Date: - 2076-06-15

Exam: - Contact date is not fixed: +977-9844081407, +977-9841536881, +977-9847907418.

In case ME in Computer Engineer is not available, it will be done as per the instructions of the technical branch of the department.

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