Nepal Army Vacancy 2078



Nepal Army Vacancy 2078

Nepal Army Vacancy 2078

Job Vacancy for Sainya

Nepal Army Vacancy 2078 / 2021: Nepal Army has opened recruitment of 4,000 people for military posts, applications can be submitted from all over the country. Nepal Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Personnel Department, Jangiadda, notice to fill the vacancies within the Saine post of the Nepal Army through open and inclusive competition. Interested and eligible Nepali citizens are invited to apply in person at the recruitment center.

Recruitment Selection Directorate, Jangi Adda

  • Shri No. 21 Bahini Base, Topgachhi Barracks, Jhapa
  • Mr. Bhairav ​​Battalion, Thalaha Barracks, Morang
  • Shri No. 2 Bahini Base, Itahari Barracks, Sunsari
  • Barakh Battalion, Salleri Barracks, Dhankuta
  • Bhimkali Gulm Tokme Barracks, Taplejung
  • Shri No. 18 Bahini Base, Udaipur Barracks, Gaighat
  • Bhimdal Battalion, Bhulwahi Barracks, Rajviraj
  • Shri No. 9 Bahini Base, Bardibas Military Camp, Mahottari
  • Taradal Battalion, Charikot Barracks, Dolakha
  • Shri No. 6 Bahini Base, Bareni Barracks, Dhading
  • Shri No. 28 Bahini Base, Suparetar Warrack, Hetauda
  • Jwaladal Battalion, Kalaiya Barracks, Bara
  • Kali Bahadur Battalion, Bharatpur Barracks, Chitwan
  • Shri No. 22 Bahini Base, Yogikuti Barracks, Butwal
  • Shri Bhagwati Dal Battalion, Phulbari Barracks, Pokhara.
  • Shreemehar Battalion, Sheradil Barracks, Baglung
  • Shri No. 19 Bahini Base, Tulsipur Barracks, Dang
  • Shri No. 4 Bahini Base, Imamnagar Barracks, Nepalgunj
  • West Command Headquarters, Nimare Barracks, Surkhet
  • Ramban Gulm, Suligad Barracks, Dolpa
  • Shri No. 24 Bahini Base, Devaldanda Barracks, Jumla
  • Ruddrahwaj Battalion, Silgadhi Barracks, Doti
  • Shri No. 25 Bahini Base, Bhagatpur Barracks, Mahendranagar
  • Gurugorakh Gulm, Khalanga Barracks, Darchula
  • Barahadal Gulm, Raniban Barracks, Humla

Date and place of submission of application form:

(A) Date of submission of application: From 2078/05/18 to 2078/06/16 and by paying double fee from 2078/06/17 to 2078/06/24 can be registered within office hours.

(B) Application Form Distribution and Place of Submission: In the case of Recruitment Selection Directorate Personnel Department, Jangi Adda, Nepal Cavalry at Narayanhiti, North Playground, and other recruitment centers, the application form shall be distributed from the respective recruitment centers and shall be submitted at the said place.

Application Fee:

(A) While submitting the application form, Rs. 150 (one hundred and fifty rupees only) and in case of application in more than one group in the same advertisement, an additional fee of 20% will be charged for each group. In addition, registration can be done within the office hours from 2078/06/17 to 2078/06/24 by paying a double fee.

(B) In the case of the Recruitment Selection Directorate, the said fee is the account number of Shri Nepal Bank Ltd. 00101000000001001001, office code 345013513, and revenue title no. 14224 examination fee deposited in the account, and the original voucher and a copy of 1/1 (one / one) of the application form must be submitted.

(C) in case of recruitment centers outside the valley, by depositing the bank account number, office code, and revenue title number specified by the concerned recruitment centers in the examination fee account; and the original voucher and copy of the same with 1/1 (one / one) application form should be submitted to the said admission center.

Required qualification:

(A) Minimum Educational Qualification: Must have passed class 8 (eight).

(B) Physical fitness:
  • Height: Minimum 5 Feet 3 Inches Height: Minimum 5 Feet 3 Inches
  • Chest: Minimum 32 inches when not inflated and minimum 32 inches when inflated Weight: Minimum 40 KG (88 Pound)
  • Weight: Minimum 50 KG (110 Pound)  
  • If you use glasses, your eyes should not be weaker than + (-) 2
(C) Other qualifications:

Candidates for the mentioned posts are eligible through health examination; Not convicted by a court on a criminal charge of moral turpitude; Not immediately a member of any political party; Not being involved in any criminal activity; Not a member of an organization with a destructive purpose; Not convicted on espionage charges against Nepal; Not found guilty of violating human rights and humanitarian law; And should not have been dismissed from service to be disqualified for future government service. Also, in the case of other qualifications, it should be as mentioned in the General Principles to be Applied for Appointment and Promotion in the Military Service, 2064 BS, and the Military Service Rules, 2069 (with amendments).

(2) Candidates for military posts should be unmarried (except for military personnel who have been reinstated).

Age Limit: Candidates should have completed 18 years of age and not exceeding 22 years by 2078/06/16 and in case of reinstated followers not exceeding 26 years.

For the reinstated candidates of the Nepal Army

(A) The last date of submission of the application should be 2078-06-16 and the minimum service period should be 1 year.

(B) The recommendation of the unit head / concerned head must be submitted.

Necessary documents to be included with the application: Candidates will have to certify the following documents themselves and submit them in Nepali file at the rate of 1/1 (one / one). Cermet and duplicate written certificates will not be recognized. At the time of application, it is mandatory to bring the original copy of all the documents submitted.

(A) Certificate of Nepali citizenship.

(B) Certificate of Qualification of all educational levels, Character Certificate, and Original / Provisional Certificate.

(C) In the case of those who have obtained a degree from a board or university of a country other than the University of Nepal, a photocopy of the equivalent degree obtained from a recognized book of equivalence published by TRIB and a certificate of migration must be submitted.

(D) Certificates (extracurricular activities) other than educational qualifications and certificates related to various subjects.

(E) In the case of children of disabled/deceased Nepali soldiers and candidates applying for inclusion in the line of duty: Additional documents to be submitted shall be on the official website of the Nepal Army within JOIN THE ARMY Recruitment & Selection.

Photograph: Candidates are required to submit a recent passport-size full-face (including both ears) of the same type of photo (beard and hair cut in the case of men) per 3 (three) and 2x2 size photo per 1 (one) application.

Contact Date and Place for Examination: Application submitted on 2078/07/03 at 13:00 at the concerned Admission Center.

Selection Process:

(A) The selection test of the candidates will include Bearing and Pre-Medical, Physical Examination, Written Examination, Detailed Health Examination, and Board Interview.

(B) The selection test of the candidates will be conducted in the respective recruitment centers.

Salary, allowances, rations, and other facilities: In accordance with the rules and regulations prevailing in the Nepal Army.

Other terms:
(A) Direct Compat Duties / Close Combat Role for Women (Combat Related Duties / Combat Support / Combat Service)

Services and assistance will be provided to the Nepal Army.

(B) Other conditions are placed on the same website of the Nepal Army (

Also, details of the points to be considered regarding recruitment and selection tests, wear and tear are available on the official website of the Nepal Army,, within JOIN THE ARMY, within Recruitment & Selection, and also in the vacancy within Android Mobile Apps "Nepali Army". It is also advised to study the above details.

[First published on 2073-03-18 / September 3, 2021)