Recommendation Name list for Caregiver Work in Israel

Caregiver Work in Israel

Recommendation Name list

Department of Foreign Employment has published the recommended list of eligible candidates for caregivers work in Israel after passing the English language test.  According the notice published by Embassy of Israeli in Nepal, Out of 100%, 70% of women and 30% of men have been recommended for the work.
Israel Caregiver Recommendation List
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Recommendation List (Female):

Recommendation List (Male):

The Population and Immigration Authority of Israel (PIBA) will select from the list recommended by the Department of Foreign Employment. 1,600 Applicants Recommendation for Caregivers work in Israel. There will be agreement between the applicants and employer for the work. Then, selected applicants will be able to go to Israel. It has been mentioned that if the fee for going to Israel is not paid by the employer, the worker will have to hear it himself/herself.

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