Teacher Service Commission Subject wise Seats in 77 Districts

Teacher Service Commission

Subject wise Shortage Seat List in 77 District

According to the details sent to the Teacher Service Commission by the Education and Human Resource Development Center, there is a shortage of teachers in Nepali and science subjects in the lower secondary and secondary schools. There are 622 vacancies in English, 436 vacancies in Nepali, and 440 vacancies in Science. Similarly, there are 433 vacancies in science, 313 vacancies in English, and 230 vacancies in Nepali.

According to the details sent to the commission by the Center, there are 352 vacancies in the lower secondary level, 364 in mathematics, 370 in mathematics, and 9 in elective first.

Similarly, there are 1,052 vacancies at the secondary level including 230 in Nepali, 201 in social, 228 in mathematics, 18 in elective first, and 59 in elective second.

Similarly, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has informed that 12 thousand 912 vacancies have been sent at the primary level across the country.

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