DV 2023 Result



DV 2023 Result

DV 2023 Result: The results of Diversity Visa (DV) 2023 will be published on 7th May 2022. According to the US Embassy in Nepal, the results of the DV lottery for those who are willing to go to the US under the DV program from October 7 to November 10, 2020, and have completed their educational qualifications have been made public.

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DV 2023 Result

The website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs has made public the results of the DV lottery at 9:45 PM Nepali time. The result was published shortly after noon (EDT – US Time) on Saturday. DV results can be checked at www.dvlottery.state.gov.

The results of the DV lottery for those who have filled out the form under the EDV program from October 7 to November 10, 2021, have been made public by the US Department of State's Consular Affairs. Under this program, the United States legally granted 50,000 immigrants from various countries, including Nepal. Nepali has also been participating in the DV program to immigrate to the United States.

How to Check DV Result 2023:

The results can be viewed on the Bureau of Consular Affairs' website by entering your name and confirmation number. It doesn't cost money to check the results. Since the results of the DV are selected from the computer system, there are no other direct or indirect effects. DV applicants can check their results directly at https://www.dvlottery.state.gov.

Step No 1: Click on the Official Website: https://www.dvlottery.state.gov

DV 2023 Result

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DV 2023 Result

Step No 3: Fill up Your Confirmation Number
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DV 2023 Result

The results of the DV, which will be made public on Saturday night, are a preliminary result. You can't go to America just by selecting a name. This is just the first step. Those who are selected will have to fill out a second form and be granted a visa by the US Embassy. Many do not know about the second firm. Therefore, one should not give up one's profession and business even if one is selected in the first result of DV.

The legal status of immigrants to the United States has been strong from the beginning. They have a better legal status than students, professionals, and political asylum seekers. The better the legal documents, the more likely they are to get a well-paying job. After staying in the United States for a maximum of 10 months, those who get DV usually get a green card. Getting a green card or becoming a US citizen is easy. Five years after receiving the green card, you become a US citizen by participating in the general examination.

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