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Samling Power Company

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Samling Power Company Limited has submitted an application to the Securities Board of Nepal for IPO issuance of its shares.

The company has proposed to issue a total of 12.3 lakh unit shares to the locals and the general public via IPO in multiple phases. The first phase of the IPO will issue shares to the locals of the area.

If approved by SEBON, Nepal SBI Merchant Banking will act as the issue manager for the proposed IPO issue. The hydropower company submitted an application to SEBON on Magh 05, 2077.

Sharesansar previously reported that the company is issuing 50 lakh unit shares, as per SEBON's document. However, we received a first-hand update from Samling Power Company that the company is actually issuing 12.3 lakh shares. 50 lakh is rather the total equity of the company.

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