Reasons for IPO Share Rejection in Nepali Share Market

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Reason for IPO Share Rejection

Have you applied so many time for IPO Share and get not allotted for every time. IPO Share allotment process don’t have any method for share allotment to give priority for the users, it depends upon your luck. But there are some points that you should consider before applying IPO Share. You should be clean from your side and just hope you can’t  do anything more and trust on your luck for allotment of IPO Share.

Some Reasons for IPO Share Rejection in Nepali Share Market

Before applying for IPO Share you should consider the following points:

Invalid Application:

The company receiving multiple IPO applications using the same PAN number. Hence, if the company receives multiple applications under the same PAN, they are rejected. Incorrect or invalid information filled on the IPO application form. Mismatch in the name on the PAN card and the bank account, etc. If you apply the IPO Share from MeroShare as well as someone apply the IPO Share from your DEMAT account by visiting Physically in the bank, then also due to multiple application your application will be rejected.

Insufficient Bank Balance:

If you don’t have sufficient balance in our bank account according to the number of IPO Share you applied, then you IPO Share application can be rejected. Sometime in some case you have balance in your account but your application was rejected saying insufficient bank balance, in these case it was due to technical issues to solve it you must contact your bank, so you must check approval of your application before deadline.

Employee of IPO Opening Company’s Multiple entry:

Employees are often given the opportunity to buy a limited number of shares at the initial offer price. If 100 employees each got 1000 IPO Stock options, and they all buy them on Monday and sell them on Thursday, that can seriously distort the stock’s trading performance. If you are employee of any company which have issued share, then you can’t apply for IPO from public. If you try to apply and submit application, then it was rejected.

Basic Requirements for Apply IPO Share:

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