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Upcoming IPO - Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower

Upcoming IPO News

Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower


Civil Capital Market Limited has been appointed as the issue manager to manage the IPO issue of Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Company Limited.

The hydropower company will be issuing 12,00,000 unit shares at par value of Rs 100. Out of the 12 lakh units, 4,00,000 units will be issued for the locals of the Nuwakot district.

Managing Director of Buddha Bhumi Hydropower, Mr Balram Khatiwada and CEO of Civil Capital, Mr Suman Acharya have signed on the agreement.

The paid-up capital of the company stands at Rs 28 crore which will reach Rs 40 crore after the issuance of IPO worth Rs 12 crore. The promoters will hold 70% of the total capital while the ordinary shareholders will hold 30%.

Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Company has been constructing a 5MW project in Tadi Khola of Nuwakot District. The IPO for the general public will be issued after the issuance for the locals concludes.

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